A Psalm for Humanity

The race is being run
And the battle could be lost
But it’s not too late
To pay up all of the cost
There are things you can do
If you only believe
Speak from your heart
And don’t let it seethe

Don’t save yourself
But try to love one another
Pay attention to your friends
Forgive your mother and father
Be nice to your pets
And don’t be a bother

Be careful of rock music
Some artists have sold their soul
They’ll get you to believe anything
So they can swallow you whole
You are what you eat
And that is a fact
Looking in the mirror too much
Could make your mind become cracked

Believe in yourself
And all the things that you do
You might make mistakes
But don’t tighten the screws
If you’ve done something wrong
Know that you can be saved
But the road to good fortune
Is often unpaved

Try to be good
And don’t forget to sing
And maybe you’ll see butterflies
And avoid a bee sting
Try to somehow relax
But don’t be afraid of hard work
Be true in your deeds
And don’t be a jerk

If you heed this advice
And live life with pride
You may be able to walk
And make huge personal strides
But it’s a process
That could take many years
Yet if you are honest and true
There’ll be nothing to fear

You can make a difference
Life isn’t meant to be funny
But if you care enough about the world
You might get your milk and honey
Apologies from those you hate might be nice
But don’t be scared to look them in the eye
If you live life with good intentions
You’ll get a chance to live in the sky

Anything can be forgiven
If you have proper regret
The future is uncertain
Nothing has been set
But if you don’t cause trouble
And try to be careful with what you say
Life will be abundant
It won’t matter if you are gay

Just try to learn
Even if you’re not at your best
Because if you are not true
You’ll be put to the test
Be honest and don’t lie
With this, you can’t be lax
But there’s always a way
To honor God with your tax

The road will be hard
And some days might be dreary
But there are always second chances
If only you query
You can quarantine the past
For you must be absolutely certain
Don’t run and hide
Behind a velvet curtain

Be sure to heed these teachings
If you want to walk life’s good road
Even if you’ve been abused
You don’t want to get squished like a toad
It’s good to be scared
Just don’t be a liar
If your heart’s pure and true
You’ll avoid the deep fryer

So remember these words
And listen to your heart
If you do these things
You’ll get a fresh start
Try to always live in peace
And be good to one another
And don’t forget to call your sister
Or even your brother

This is not the end
The world will give you many cheers
Trust yourself and your intuition
And you’ll avoid having bitter tears


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Zachary Houle

Book critic by night, technical writer by day. Follow me on Twitter @zachary_houle.