I am a writer living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I primarily use Medium to review books, either current or classic, though I've also published fiction and poetry here, too, in the distant past. I've been named a Top Reviewer on NetGalley for my book review work.

I primarily review literary fiction, slipstream science fiction, horror novels, thrillers, Japanese fiction, books about religion, other non-fiction works of interest, some young adult (YA) fiction and whatever else might tickle my fancy -- trying to be as inclusive as possible also to authors in the LGBTQ+ community, though I'm not a member of that community. and authors of different cultural backgrounds than mine. I update frequently as time allows (I do have a day job), and if you don't want to miss a thing, I would invite you to sign up for an email subscription to my work.

You can also email me at zacharyhoule@rogers.com.

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Zachary Houle

Zachary Houle

Book critic by night, technical writer by day. Follow me on Twitter @zachary_houle.